BRV71 and BRV73 SG Iron Pressure Reducing Valves

Technical Infomation

The BRV71/73 is extremely compact in size and maintains the added benefit of enhanced resistance to pressure and load fluctuations. BRV valves are designed for use with steam, compressed air and other gases and are ideal for point of use installations, offering a cost effective alternative to more sophisticated valves.

Advanced manufacturing technology has been used to produce a highly durable pressure reducing valve, constructed with all stainless steel internals to meet the needs of most industrial applications

Key Features •

  • Compact size with a single spring mechanism, ideal for small processes.

• Stainless steel valve and seat assembly provides high wear resistance under low load conditions.

• Anti-vibration adjustment handwheel with color identification of control spring range.

• Stainless steel control and balancing bellows assemblies offer high fatigue resistance and stable control.

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