DP163, DP163G and DP163Y Pilot Operated

Techical Infomation

The Spirax Sarco DP163 is a self-powered, pilot-operated, pressure reducing regulator constructed entirely of 316 stainless steel, suitable for steam, air or industrial gases. Its self-acting operation eliminates the cost of an external power source. The DP163 pressure reducing valve will accurately control downstream pressure, regardless of the upstream pressure, or load variations.

Color coded, interchangeable springs allow quick and easy change of downstream pressure range eliminating the need to isolate the valve or break the steam line. Downstream pressure is sensed either internally or through an external sensing pipe.

These are recommended for medium duty or process type applications, branch lines to OEM equipment, for accurate process control or where an external interface or remote adjustment is required. Typical applications include main line pressure reduction or where high accuracy of control is required. This versatile and compact valve will provide an efficient and economic solution in many pressure reduction applications.

Key Features

• Self-acting using spring and diaphragm operation – no need for electrical supplies.

• Fatigue tested diaphragm – no piston, no danger of sticking.

• Easily serviced using off-the-shelf spares and standard tools.

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