LRV2B and LRV2S Gunmetal Pressure Reducing Valves

Technical Infomation

The LRV2 is a direct-acting pressure reducing valve intended for use on liquids. The compact design makes it ideal for point of use applications, and the pressure balanced head enables accurate and stable control of pressure under all load conditions. Standard is the LRV2S with a stainless steel control bellows.

Advanced manufacturing technology has been used to produce a highly durable pressure reducing valve, with all stainless steel internals to meet the needs of most liquid applications.

Key Features

• Compact size with a single spring mechanism ideal for small processes and OEM applications.

• Bronze body and stainless steel pressure control bellows provide reliable and corrosion free operation on water systems.

• Nitrile-faced, pressure-balanced head provides stable liquid control and a bubble tight shut-off.

• Anti-vibration adjustment handwheel with color identification of control spring range.

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