MST21 Stainless Steel Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Trap

Technical Infomation


The MST21 is a maintainable balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap designed for relatively small condensate loads usually associated with instrument tracing applications. It is manufactured in stainless steel and is corrosion resistant and easily maintainable.

Available types:

MST21 Standard capacity for tracing loads (standard unit).

MST21H High capacity for special applications.

Standard capsules are marked with the letter ‘STD’ for operation at approximately 10°C below steam saturation temperature.

Optionally the capsule can be supplied for sub cooled ‘SUB’ operation at approximately 22°C below steam saturation temperature or a ‘NTS’ fill capsule for operation at approximately 4°C below steam saturation temperature.

Standards: This product fully complies with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Certification: This product is available with a manufacturers’ Typical Test Report.

Sizes and pipe connections: 

MST21 ¼” ” and ½” screwed BSP, EN ISO 228-1, or NPT.

MST21H ½”, ¾” and 1″ screwed BSP, EN ISO 228-1, or NPT.

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